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We welcome all people regardless of color, religion, sex, creed, politics, age, ethnicity, origin, nationality, status or economic condition to become active in Creating Peace.  We support all groups espousing and supporting Peace regardless of who they are.

We encourage people to take Peaceful action to better their lives and those around them.  World Peace is attained individually by taking Peaceful action.

Action speaks louder than words.  Therefore, go forth and BE an active agent of Peace.  BE Peace.

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We encourage all people to get involved in some aspect of their community.  Peace comes through Community Building.  Community activities bring people of different backgrounds and ages together perhaps for the first time.  Through Community people begin to see each other differently.

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As we work together in our communities, we share common interests.  We naturally learn more about one another and begin to see our similarities, our commonalities.

Through Community Building relationships we begin to discuss, learn and understand our differences. Through this understanding we come to respect each other’s differences without feeling threatened, superior or “less than”.  We learn how differences are an asset not a liability.  Differences are to be understood, cultivated and valued not avoided.  We value our unique gifts.  Young and old – each bring their gifts to our Community.

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