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Spreading the Word


Spreading the Word

Talk to Family, Friends & Neighbors

The most effective person is someone we trust.  Nobody trusts us more than our family, our friends, our coworkers and our neighbors.  Yet we frequently don’t share our thoughts with them.

Share this website with others.  When you receive something you value from us, take a moment to share it with another.  Raise the subject with others – “talk it up”.  You will be surprised how many people you work with, live around and see every day who are eager to get involved but don’t know how.

Leaders aren’t born and they aren’t made.  Leaders are people who care enough to step forward, to become involved and to make a difference.

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Attend Local Community Meetings

The most effective action a citizen can take to influence change in their community is to voice their thoughts at community meetings.  Meet your local council members, city officials and their staff.  Let them know how you feel and what’s important to you.

When discussing your concerns, don’t place blame.  For greater impact, bring a solution to the table.  If your solution is not received positively, don’t take it personally.  Press for other possible solutions.

Be sure to summarize your key points and the actions the members agreed to take, when you thank them for their efforts.  Follow through on any commitments you made.  Continue to stay in touch with members and staff to further expands on these new relationships.

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Generate Local Media Attention

There are several ways of generating local media attention on an issue.  Any of these can serve to educate the public, stir up some debate or put others on the spot.  The most often exercised is a letter written to the editor of the newspaper.

Letters to the editor are an easy way for you to voice your opinion and to educate readers.  You can use letters to correct or interpret facts in response to an inaccurate or biased article, to comment on a recent article or editorial, or simply provide your thoughts and solutions.  Be sure to read the paper you are writing to and understand their format before writing.  Keep your letter short, simple and to the point.

Reach out to newspapers editors.  You can influence the content of editorials by conducting a briefing for editorial boards.  Many times influencing editorial content can be achieved by simply sending materials and following up on them directly by phone.

Important:  Asking for an editorial when one has already been published will waste your time and hurt your credibility.  Be sure to read the paper you are approaching.

Sharing your message on a local talk radio show is an excellent way to voice your thoughts and educate the public.  You can create local excitement, challenge popular notions and mobilize action on an upcoming event.

Listen to the show you’re calling into ahead of time and get an idea of the format and the host’s personality.  If you are known in your community or have a respected opinion, you may be able to get a spot as a guest on the radio show.

When speaking, get to your point quickly.  Talk slowly and clearly.  Don’t be afraid to share your passion.  Thank your host and address the host by name.

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