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Peace Actions

Listed below are many suggestions for adding to your Personal and Interpersonal Peace. We suggest you try them out! If you have other actions you would like to share with us, please email them to Actions For Peace.

May Peace be with you as you try these suggestions.

Personal Peace – To/With Yourself

BE the following:

a hugger
a smile loving
accepting of yourself as you are non-critical
aware non-judgmental
childlike outgoing
conscious patient
constantly striving to improve your World positive
forgiving present
fun questioning
good natured receptive to change
grateful spiritual
happy supportive
humorous truthful
inspired understanding

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Here are some actions for Personal Peace

Accept your “failures” as lessons of life.
Acknowledge your successes.
Avoid criticizing yourself.
Begin your day thinking of all the great things you are going to do today.
Communicate with the Divine.
Do something outrageous.
Do something you always wanted to do but have not taken time to do.
Get a massage.
Go for a walk in Nature.
Give yourself a day off.
Give yourself permission to ______.
Imagine what you could be if you could do anything you wanted.
Lighten up on yourself if you make a mistake.
Read inspiring books.
See events in the best possible light.
See the humor in all events.
Stay in the present – out of the past or the future.
Think Peaceful thoughts.
Turn off the TV.

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Interpersonal Peace – To/With Others

You can make these tasks even more powerful by doing them anonymously.

BE the following:

a “stand up” person inspiring
a booster joyous
a catalyst for Peace
a hugger loving of all life
a mentor loving
a smile non-critical
accepting of people as they are non-judgmental
an over looker (overlook other’s faults and issues) of service
aware open
childlike positive
complimentary present
conscious proactive
constantly striving to improve the World questioning
courageous quiet
forgiving receptive to change
fun supportive
generous with time and money the medium
generous the message
good natured thoughtful
happy truthful
humorous win-win


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Here are some actions for Interpersonal Peace

Acknowledge a person’s presence – don’t just ignore them.
Acknowledge Peaceful, positive behavior.
Ask permission from someone you wouldn’t normally ask it from.
Be a Peaceful presence.
Buy “Real Change” from a street vendor.
Buy a homeless person a sandwich.
Buy a stranger’s lunch.
Buy the next person in line his coffee.
Call a friend.
Communicate with your children.
Compliment kids on their behavior.
Compliment someone on her attire.
Connect people with like interests.
Donate to a Peace charity.
Encourage Peaceful solutions.
Give someone a call.
Hug someone.
Know the name of the person helping you and use it.
Leave a generous tip to a nice waitperson.
Let impatient people pass you.
Listen to someone without interrupting him or preparing your answer.
Look people in the eye.
Offer someone your seat.
Open a door for someone.
Pay the bus fare for the next person.
Put a coin in an expired parking meter.
Read to someone.
Say please.
Say thank you.
Show respect for others.
Sincerely compliment someone on some specific thing she has done.
Smile at everyone – even the grouches – especially the grouches.
Smile at the person who just cut you off on the freeway.
Understand another’s point of view.
Write a letter or call someone to thank her for a long forgotten favor.
Write someone a letter.

*Submission Notice: All submissions become the sole property of Princes of Peace Foundation™ and may be used for any Foundation purpose. See Legal and Privacy for more information.

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