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Princes of Peace Foundation™ is a 501(c)(3) U.S. Not-For-Profit Corporation. All donations made are tax deductible on U.S. tax returns.  We urge you to consult your accountant to determine deductibility for your specific purposes.

A check or money order (no cash please) can be mailed to:

Princes of Peace Foundation
PO Box 464
Silver City, NM 88062

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Your donation will support:

  • Public Outreach ~ Our mission to Create World Peace requires sharing our message with as many people as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, speaking to organizations of all ages, printing necessary materials and providing anyone the information needed to help us carry the message to others.
  • Creating a BUZZ for Peace ~ We are a catalyst. We help communities build excitement for change and for Peace.
  • Community Building ~ We encourage people to take action. We bring people together. Community Building allows some people for the first time to come together and have a Peaceful experience. Community is necessary for World Peace.
  • Classes and Seminars ~ We share tools with individuals who wish to further develop their own inner Peace. All personal improvement has a positive effect on a person’s life, their inner Peace and the World round them. Your support is especially important to provide these opportunities to people who can otherwise not afford to participate.
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance ~ This allows us to provide a continual flow of information: ways to build community, connection with others in your area, community successes, encouragement, and inspirational thoughts to you and people around the World, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Princes of Peace Foundation™ is continually striving to provide new and positive ways to get our message out, build communities and
    "Create World Peace: One Person at a Time ~ One Action at a Time".

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