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Creating Peace

Spreading World Peace

We begin our crusade for World Peace by enlisting the help and support of our elders.  This is done by going out and speaking to large numbers of service groups and other charitable organizations (e.g. Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions) to enlist them as Princes of Peace.  They in turn will spread the message to others and advance the cause of World Peace through their inspired, Peaceful actions.

World Peace cannot be achieved and carried forward without the assistance of the World’s young people.  Their vast numbers will swell the energy for World Peace.  We work with young people to enlist their involvement.  We train them as Peace creators, makers and sustainers.  They in turn mentor even younger people.  We reach these young people via technology - Internet, instant messaging, TV, video games, etc.

Between these two age extremes is a small cadre of professional managers in the thirty something age range.  These “tweeners” will use their talents and the skills of our elders to organize others and mentor the young people.  The tweeners’ age allows them to have credibility with and communicate with both ends of the age range.

Princes of Peace Foundation™ evolution is a process where the young people “grow up” and assume its running as the elders die off and the tweeners move on or retire.  This natural process allows the young to mature into leadership for World Peace as the others move out.  Since youth are the greatest beneficiaries of World Peace, it seems only reasonable for them to craft its arrival.

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More Stuff vs. World Peace

Today the real issue is; do we focus our lives on having more stuff or more Peace?  At what point does one say, “I have enough”?  Do we need another TV to watch more violence or do we need to BE something to end violence, hate and fear?

How do we raise our young people?  Winning and losing, fighting for more stuff or spending their entire lives unconsciously wanting nothing more than Peace.  We can begin today to raise our young people from a place of Peace to BE Peace.  We can grow them into Peaceful beings where thoughts of inequality and chaos are just old history.

We ALL come into this life with nothing and we ALL leave with nothing.  Since we can’t take stuff with us, its accumulation seems to have no cosmic point.  He who dies with the most toys doesn’t win because he has no Peace of mind.  However, we can take Peace to the grave.  We can die in Peace.  Probably no one says on his deathbed “I should have acquired more stuff”.  Viewed from this perspective, Peace not stuff makes for a Peaceful life and death.  As Gandhi, a man of Peace, said, “Live simply so others may simply live”.

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Exercising Our Peace Muscles

Implementing actions bringing about World Peace works like any exercise.  The more you exercise an activity the stronger it gets.  Exercising our Peace muscles will bring about stronger Peace muscles.  Stronger muscles enable even greater actions and activities.  Peaceful actions become a habit.  Some day they will allow ALL people to stand up for Peace.

The thought, “I can choose Peace rather than this” should be our guiding thought.  It brings our attention to the idea that we have a choice - we can exercise Peace at any time.

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