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About Us

Our Vision

A World where ALL people live in Peace and harmony with each other, with all life and with the Planet itself.  A World where ALL people have their basic needs met and guaranteed.  A World where ALL people enjoy guaranteed rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A World where ALL people thrive in a sustainable, renewable relationship with the Planet.

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Our Philosophy

Peace begins within each of us.  World Peace is here not “out there”, not “over there” and not someone else’s responsibility.  World Peace is created through Peaceful actions anyone can do.  Alone, we are as a drop of water.  Together, we create an ocean of Peace.

World Peace is simple.  It occurs when each of us practices Peace in our daily life and spreads to others through our Peaceful actions.

Individual actions make a difference.  Aggregated, we are creating World Peace - one person at a time, one action at a time.

Bringing Peace to the World is like shining light into a dark place.  As light replaces dark, Peace replaces hate, fear and violence.  Let your light shine forth for all to see. Be a Bringer of Light through Peaceful actions.

Think globallyAct locallyBehave PeacefullyBe a Light to the WorldPeace begins with you!

Create a “
BUZZ” for World Peace.

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Goal - World Peace

Our goal is to create World Peace by the year 2030.  We plan to sponsor a worldwide event on the Winter Solstice, 2030 - bringing the light of World Peace to the darkest day of the year.

This does not mean that all hate, fear and violence will be gone from the World by 2030.  What it does mean is Peace will have become the dominant force in the World where the endgame is in progress to completely achieve World Peace.

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Mission - Slogan - Motto

Creating World Peace    
One Person at a Time ~ One Action at a Time

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We welcome all people who espouse and practice Peace.  We welcome all people regardless of color, religion, sex, creed, politics, age, ethnicity, origin, nationality, status or economic condition.  Our only requirement is a desire for a Peaceful World.

We are NOT religious, political or governmental and support all Peaceful thoughts and actions regardless of who makes them.

Come join the largest and most INCLUSIVE group in the World - Princes of Peace.  There is room for all in this Royal Family of Peace for Peace.

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Our Values

Acceptance • Awe • Boosting • Charity • Community • Confidence • Empathy • Equality • Fairness • Faith • Forgiveness • Freedom • Generosity • Gratitude • Harmony • Honesty • Hope • Humility • Integrity • Joy • Kindness • Love • Mentoring • Non-judgmental • Oneness • Openness • Overlooking • Patience • Peace • Respect • Spirituality • Sympathy • Tenderness • Truth • Unity • Wonder

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